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Finding a job in France : degree or not degree?

Finding a job in France : degree or not degree ? | Asian in France | CC Picture from bpsusf (Wikipedia)

I wanted to write a little article about professional prospects in France, so here it is.

Let's  talk about salaries first. There's a little tool here  that allows you to compare your salary to other French people.

It is extremely interesting because you discover that, with 1730€/month, you earn more than 50% of the French population. Yes, you're already richer than most French people.

The point of this article is to show you how the France society allows every single one of its citizens to climb up in the professional hierarchy. You should take a look at my article about education here if you want to know more about what education is like in France.

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Getting an internship in France

Getting an internship in France | Asian in France | Free picture from Morethanordinary (morgueFile)

As a student in France, you'll very likely be forced to make an internship and that's a good thing.

Internships allow you to get a first overview of what might awaits you in the future.

Meaning that if you don't like your internship, that's great : you know what you don't want to do later.

Most of the time, internships give you some freedoms: everyone knows you won't spend much time in the company and hence, people might be more tolerant (though I agree that sometimes, people will just look down on you because you are an intern, even though you are also working full-time...).

However, the main hurdle is not to overcome and succeed an internship, but rather to get one : here's what it looks like in France.

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Some advice for the TOEIC 


I have recently passed the TOEIC successfully and got the highest score (990 out of 990, no boasting intended though haha).

I thought it might be interesting to use this experience of mine to share with you some personal advice for all those interested in this test who seek to get a good score.


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Is there too much pressure on French students?

Is there too much pressure in France | Asian in France | Free picture from Quicksandala (morgueFile)

The French school system is about to be reformed, once again. Amongst the people who argue in favour of those changes, some reminded us of the latest PISA results for France.

If you don't know it, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) evaluates the performances of 15-year-old students of 65 different countries.

Their last survey showed that French kids didn't perform very well, be it in mathematics, science or reading (respectively ranked 25th, 26th and 21st out of 65). Well, maybe we can say it's not so bad.
But on the other hand, France is amongst the top countries regarding Fields medals for instance which award the best mathematicians for their research (France is ranked 2nd, only behind the United States).


It's a fact : disparities between the "good" and the "bad" students are huge. Why ? In my opinion, it is mainly related to the pressure put on French students. Let me explain further.

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Languages : you can become fluent 

Languages : you can become fluent | Asian in France | Free picture from GrietGriet (morgueFile)

Since you were a kid, you've always been told that languages were very important, especially in today's society where English is almost compulsory, wherever you are in the world.

As you know, I am French. I started learning English at school when I was 11. Pretty late, right? That's why the French government changed it recently, and nowadays, kids start learning English when they are 8.


But truth is, language courses are pretty useless. Except for the first year maybe, when you are building your foundations. At least, if your teacher is good... which isn't an easy task, because from my experience, there are more incompetent teachers than good ones. I probably got unlucky though.


Anyway, I didn't become fluent thanks to my teachers. I became fluent thanks to the Internet and my own curiosity. Here's my story.

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